Tracks 1-15 recorded at CBGB's, New York, October 12 1984
Tracks 16-25 recorded at CBGB's, New York, June 3 1984
Track 26, date and venue unknown
This CD, as it is commonly available, was mastered it at the wrong speed, and it is WAY too slow. The band sounds like they are on quaaludes instead of the usual cocaine and beer. Anyway, through the wonders of modern sound editing software, I have corrected the speed and restored the Mats to their normal loud/fast sound. At the correct speed, this disc runs about four minutes shorter, so I also had room to add a bonus track: a great rendition of "Nowhere Man" from an unknown date and locale. I have also corrected the indexing mistake which originally split "Kansas City Star" across two separate tracks. Overall some nice 84 performances... and tracks 1-15 especially are probably the best sound quality of any Bob-era recording I've heard.

1. Gary's Got a Boner    2. Run It    3. Color Me Impressed    4. White and Lazy    5. Takin' a Ride    6. I Will Dare    7. Unsatisfied    8. Johnny's Gonna Die    9. Favorite Thing    10. 20th Century Boy    11. Go    12. I'll Be There    13. Kids Don't Follow    14. Black Diamond    15. Kansas City Star    16. Sixteen Blue    17. Hayday    18. Favorite Thing    19. I'm in Trouble    20. Will Power    21. Take Me Down to the Hospital    22. Hey, Good Lookin'    23. Fuck School    24. You Lose    25. Mr. Whirly    26. Nowhere Man

SOUND QUALITY: Tracks 1-25 are soundboard recordings... tracks 1-15 rate a 10, while tracks 16-25 rate an 8 (the old "guitars too quiet in the mix" problem keeps them from being a 10). Track 26 is a very good audience recording, and it also rates an 8.